Enterprise Reporting Features

Real-Time Financials

The Real-Time Financials reporting functionality captures real-time project and program financials at any time during the project execution

  • Quickly access project financials from budget to actuals variance
  • All financial information centralized to ensure financials align with current financial standing
  • Easily share through email or print with ability to convert to PDF or excel document


The Schedule Status reporting functionality allows users to view schedule status reports showing resource utilization, milestones, health indicators, burn-down charts and more

  • Quickly access schedule reports to check project health and status in real-time
  • Traffic light indicators allow for easy visuals of status and prioritization areas
  • Easily share through email with ability to convert to PDF or excel document


The Executive Dashboards are featured on the landing page and allow access real-time project financials, activities, notifications and schedule information

  • Graphical landing page to ensure users can quickly see project and program status for financials, operations, controls and delivery
  • Click on reports to drill down and see detailed information about project data
  • Configure dashboards to ensure the most relevant reports are showing at system login

Field Reports

The Field Reports functionality allows quick access to field design, inspection and safety reports

  • View project reports summarizing all jobsite activities and reports
  • Click on reports to drill down and see detailed information about project data
  • Easily share through email or print with ability to convert to PDF or excel document

Open Items and Tasks

The Open Task and Items reporting functionality captures snapshot of all open tasks and items directly from landing page

  • View open, closed and past due  actions for RFIs, project tasks, inspections and more
  • Click on project areas to drill down and see detailed information about open, closed or past due items
  • Create new notifications to remind team members of open items to ensure on-time delivery


The Notifications reporting functionality allows all users to receive email notification for new tasks, project updates and system-wide emails

  • Receive updates when you have been added to a project or a question is directed to you through system modules
  • Email templates allow for consistent information layout so updates can be viewed quickly and easily searched
  • Link shown in emails direct user to the updated area for quick viewing and access of project details and new information

Field Site Images

The Field Site Images functionality allows users to upload and share new field site images to track onsite project progress

  • Upload images on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to show system users onsite project progress
  • Capture progressive building and inspection images to ensure team is aware of changes
  • Images are stored in DELCON document management area for easy access and review

Weather Updates

The Weather Updates functionality allows users to choose weather locations for project to see area weather updates within landing page

  • View current weather situation to enhance awareness of planned project activities and possible delays
  • Show weather updates from multiple project locations
  • Click on weather dashboard to access more detailed weather information  by hour

Configurable Landing Pages

The Configurable Landing Pages functionality allows for easy configuration of project dashboards, dashboard location and landing page layout

  • Choose the dashboards that you want visible for each landing page
  • All dashboards show high-level project details with ability to drill down for more detailed information
  • Quickly view important project information for easy decision making and greater visibility

Report Wizard

The Report Wizard functionality allows users to create ad-hoc reports and post these reports to the project sites

  • Quickly customize project reports to show the project details and financials required for your internal reporting needs
  • Create automatic report creation on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and have it emailed to you and your team automatically
  • Easily share through email or print with ability to convert to PDF or excel document